Yes, I will work for wine, given a good cause!

June 27, 2013 by Martin Pearson

 A fun day out, teaching studio photography, for the Institute of Medical Illustrators.


Tired now! But what a great day teaching studio photography, for the Institute of Medical Illustrators Summer School. Professional medical photography students from across the country come to Cardiff Medical Illustration for the school, and I am grateful to be asked each year to teach a part of the studio photography element.


What a nice crowd of interested students, many thanks to Amy Lake the organizer, who gave me the wine. (It was an unexpected gift,) Yes I will work for wine, given a good cause. Lovely wine too.


What did we do? Well medical equipment mostly, A Laryngoscope, and syringes, and other things I cant spell. I also taught them how to shoot glass and liquids, composition, and a creative product shot, for a magazine cover. The Laryngoscope.


 All sorts of tips and techniques for jobs they may encounter, in their busy departments, within the hospitals.


Never heard of them? Well Medical photographers do a large variety of work in the hospital. They truthfully record injuries and diseases, as well as the progress of operations and medical procedures.

 When they are not on the hospital wards photographing wounds, using special equipment for eyes, and taking pictures during operations, they also do video, and PR photography to promote and inform in the Hospital. My wife Meg, who is a senior photographer at Cardiff, gave an excellent talk, on PR work, and then a workshop on making PR photographing interesting and informative.


I think everyone enjoyed the day, and I look forward to next year.


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