Why pay for commercial photography? A sad tail…turns out well though!

June 6, 2013 by Martin Pearson

Let me give you my view, on the subject, and then let you decide, with a story at the end. Right here goes.

 Your product and service is unique, isn’t it? or perhaps its not! Well in reality it probably isn’t, (Shock, Horror,)

 As more and more companies compete for the same market, the difference between company A and B is often down too a few subtle differences in service and quality. It’s true HONEST!

 Luckily you are one of the better ones. So how on earth do you distinguish yourself? I am glad you asked me that!

 It’s a mix, good design throughout your marketing, customer reviews, using channels, Linked in, Face book etc, SEO and you guessed it Great photography.

 Still the best way to explain anything is to show a picture. When is the last time you bought something online, with awaiting image? Hint, their are lots of pictures on my website http://www.brewerystudios.co.uk/ by the way.

The story I promised you… The Business a thrilling tail…maybe!

 The Boss says right young Bodkin you are good with a camera, go out and buy the Can-do-octagon three million, and photograph our product range for the website….

 Some time later…These are rubbish Bodkin, and no one is buying our products! Now go and photograph the staff, and production line, and the vans, and don’t forget the building…

 Even more time later…Bodkin you are fired!…But why Mr Boss?

 Because the products don’t look worth what we are asking, they are out of focus and look cheap, The staff look like the Munster’s, the production line is as black as my hat, the vans look like Trotters, and the building is falling over… and worst of all, THEY ARE BORING, now get out.

 Later still… as the competition, takes all their clients, and the business fails, Mr Boss meets Bodkin to sign on, and the go busking in the park…a sad story.

 What should Mr Boss have done I hear you ask…well go on then…Thank you.

 He should have said Bodkin go and ring Brewery Studios, and give them this brief…

Meanwhile… I would have discussed the brief and budget with Bodkin, given him an excellent quote for approval, by Mr Boss, and then…

 Photographed their products, both creatively for eye-catching splash pages for their website, and clearly, showing the products qualities and value, for the online shop.

 The staff would have had my on location Portrait setup, and all look intelligent and beautiful (well as nature and Photoshop allows!)

 The factory images would be exciting hi-tech, and showing the best of the production, and hiding the worst bits.  (girly calendars, bins, oil, space hopper! etc)

 Vehicles would have been shot at a suitable location, maybe moving, clean, and showing a dynamic distribution network.

 Images of the buildings would have sunshine on the front façade, show interesting angles, and demonstrate the company’s prowess, and resourses.

 And finally Mr Boss and Bodkin, wouldn’t have to sing in the park…

 The End

 By Martin Pearson

 Brewery Studios



  1. Hi Chris

    Thanks for your comments, your site speaks the volumes I cannot say, so keep it up! I am now inspired to write some more, and continue educating my clientele that it’s not just about having a nice camera. That black shiny thing I use to record the lighting, propping, styling, organising, and composition, at the very end of the shoot. The camera is merely a fancy scanner that never leaves its manual settings. However I still believe lots of business, and designers, just do it themselves with SLR cameras and even phones, and then torture begins in photoshop, until it submits and kinda fits the ad! Unfortunately, the “that will do” attitude, seems to be taking over, certainly outside London.

    However emboldened by your comments, I will manfully continue my efforts to educate, inform and entice the viewer, to be all they can be.

    Cheers Martin

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