Tea photography “Fancy a brew”

June 24, 2013 by Martin Pearson


Ok this is a bad play on words for Brewery Studios, but I hope you like the pictures and the instructions.

To make great tea, follow these instructions.

Firstly use a good quality tea, kept in an air tight tin.

Take the teapot and empty out the contents from the previous tea session.

Boil the kettle. With fresh water, not re boiled, and filter if you can.!

Pour some water in the pot and wash it around. This is known as “warming the pot” Empty this water. Spoon some of the tea into the pot.

Have one heaped teaspoon per person, and one “for the pot”. Pour in some freshly boiled water. Wait for the tea to brew. “Read the paper, make toast, surf the net, etc” Once brewed, decide “who will be mother”.

 This means “who will pour the tea and is a nostalgic reference to middle-class Victorian England.” Place the strainer over a cup and fill

 The cup from the teapot through it. Milk first or last? This doesn’t really

 matter, so do as you feel!

Drink your tea…This is the good bit, so relax, & enjoy!


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