July 17, 2013 by Martin Pearson

Ok that was terrible, but hopefully you like my take on these designer radiators.

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It’s always nice when a client says, “oh can you do some arty ones, after the straight shots”. They may not be super accurate representations of the product, but the idea is to use a shot to get the attention of the customer, and then hit them with the range of straight pictures, when they are not looking!

How is it done?

The key to this kind of shoot is soft backlighting “Angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection” as my old college textbook used to say. (I remember books) So what does it mean? Basically the soft area light reflects itself in the surface, and bounces back to the lens, but only on a certain angle, and depending on the surface. What! Well a diffused surface like brushed metal spreads the light more than say chrome would or plastic, or a Marine Iguana…maybe!

Sometimes it’s better to use a secondary highlight, i.e. light bounced back, rather than direct, but a lot depends on the surface and what you are trying to achieve. Another factor of this kind of lighting is adding “black light”. Double What! Chrome tubes for instance need to look round and have depth and weight, and black shapes help the illusion. This is all part of my technical job, as well as “Doing Something Arty”. Oh last but not least, I record what I have done with a camera… I almost forgot that bit!

Cheers Martin

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