Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


 Cheques and correspondence should be made to Brewery Studios.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you (the client) are entering into a legally binding contract with Brewery studios. This agreement can not be changed without prior written consent from Brewery studios. By using our services you are bound by these conditions.

Brewery studios

Brewery studios agrees, subject to receipt of agreed fees, and schedule, to photograph the clients products or services, in accordance with the stated written brief, with reasonable and due care, and in all good faith, in accordance with, and subject to these terms.

The Client

The client shall assist and co operate with Brewery studios, in all ways to help meet the agreed aims of the brief.


The Client shall pay Brewery studios the Fees outlined in the Invoice, within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice. Alternatively through web site purchase, or full remittance with order.

Any indication of prices given to the client, in communication, is an Estimate only, and fees may go up or down, depending on individual work commissioned. Any work purchased on the website, may carry additional fees, in the event of client failure to check suitability of products or locations, or extra time needed by Brewery studios, to full fill the clients brief. Fees published on the website are subject to change, and will need to be checked by the client periodically.

Additional Fees may be charged in the event of-

Failure to properly provide Brewery studios with information, delays or additional works caused or required by the Client. Also Circumstances outside Brewery studios reasonable control.

Additional services, or requirements requested by the client, and any agreed third party expenses. Any alteration to the photographs, requested by the client shall be charged accordingly

Brewery studios shall be entitled to charge interest each month on any overdue payment at the rate of 5% of the whole bill.

Intellectual property copyright

Copyright, design rights, and registered designs, confidential information and ideas trade marks, and all similar rights world wide whether registered or not, belong to Brewery studios Any photographs or ideas created or commissioned by Brewery Studios, under this Agreement will vest in and belong to  Brewery studios unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Brewery studios grants the client sole licence to use images provided by Brewery studios royalty-free, to advertise and promote their own company/products. This licence is conditional on full payment of fees by the client. This licence is purely for the visual images purchased by the client, and does not include original ideas, concepts or proposals, outlined to the client by Brewery studios at any time.


No information about the client will be passed to a third party, unless by prior agreement, or unless of suspected illegal activity by the client, However Brewery studios reserves the right to use customer images purely for its own advertising, unless expressly forbidden by client, in writing, Brewery studios warrants that it will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the photographs do not infringe copyright of any third party.

Brewery studios reserves the right to reject any racist, obscene, defamatory, or illegal material to be photographed, or any material for any reason it feels unfit. In this case a full refund would be given, if applicable.


Delivery and acceptance


Written approval, or electronic approval, of all work is required by Brewery studios, before supply of images to Client.

Brewery studios shall make every effort to deliver images, by electronic means or by the postal/courier services, before or on the agreed date. No responsibility will be taken for late arrival of images to the client, or any subsequent costs incurred by the client, due to late arrival of images, or inability to open images.

Images supplied by Brewery studios may only be treated as defective, if both the client and Brewery studios agree. Once the client has approved the images

Brewery studios accepts no responsibility for subsequent defective, claims by the client.

The Client shall inspect images immediately, upon delivery/notification, and shall make any defective claim, at this time. Should a defect be proven the client shall give Brewery studios five working days to remedy the images. Should the client not be satisfied with the images, they must notify Brewery studios, within five working days of delivery/notification, or it will be deemed that the client has accepted the images.

Should an agreed defect, be unable to be remedied by Brewery studios, within 5 days, full refund shall be given to the client, if applicable.


Brewery studios accepts no liability for loss or damage of client content, it will be assumed the client has insured their items for all risk.

Client content sent to us shall be collected within one month of sending by the client, unless otherwise agreed. After this time Brewery studios reserves the right to dispose of content in any way it sees fit.

Brewery studios accepts no responsibility for client use of images. Any breach of law by subsequent use of images, hurt, defamatory, discrimination, breech of third party copyright, or other legally restricted material, and explicitly excludes all and any liability in relation thereto.


Brewery studios shall be able to terminate this agreement, upon non payment by the client of suitable fees. Termination may also occur due to unforeseen contingency beyond the reasonable control of Brewery studios, including internet outages communications outrages, fire, flood, war or act of God. No responsibility for client loss will be accepted under these circumstances.

In the event of cancellation, Brewery studios should be notified within 48 hours of booked shoot date. Should this not occur Brewery studios shall be entitled to recover 100% of the Fees, including any costs relating to the shoot?

By accepting these terms and conditions, you the Client are entering a legally binding contract, with Brewery studios.