FAQ for Uk Packshot service.


How large can my product be?

 Each product must be less than 2ft square. Weight limit per item is 20kg

Use our Creative service, and products can be massive (Well as long as we can get them through our double doors!).

Their is an additional charge of £25 for any products, that need major assembly, for instance flat pack furniture. We take no responsibility for any damage caused during assembly, or taking apart for shipping.

How long is the service?

Time is usually 5 working-days from the time we receive your products. (However rush service available) Please allow extra time for your courier service. If we can get it done any sooner we do.

How will you photograph our products?

We will photograph the most obvious front of the subject, usually at an angle to show two or three sides

Of the product. Group pictures will be taken in the most pleasing arrangement, and products may overlap.

Unless stated clearly by the customer on the order, the images will be taken at our discretion. Please send sketches and notes, if you have a specific way you would like your products photographed.


Do you cut out objects and include clipping paths?

Yes clipping paths are included; in Catalogue and Brochure. NOT WEB. We do this by hand, and run our path around the border of the product.


What are the file types and size of finished images?

Web files are optimised rgb images at 72 dpi. Catalogue Brochure and Creative images are 300 dpi jpeg files of around 60 mb, depending on the image. We send all these by Internet transfer to your desktop. It’s easy, you just press download, when you get the message, and a few hours later you have the images.


Who has copyright?


You will have extended use, on your images after full payment to Brewery studios, but not to resell to a third party. We reserve the right to use your images, for our own marketing purposes.


How do I send and return my product?

Please carefully package up your products, and send them to us, using a courier of your choice, or your own vehicles. When you have downloaded your images, please arrange collection from us via  a courier of your choice. Products are returned in original packaging. If you wish us to send items via post, we will add this cost to your Invoice.


Products must be collected within two weeks of notification.


What if I loose my images?

 Your jpeg images are stored for up to one year at our location on our back up hard drives. If you need additional copies of your pictures sent via the internet, this is available for free.

How do we pay for your service?

We will send you an Invoice, for the work, via email. You can pay by cheque, or credit card, using our Paypal Button, on our contact page.

  Usually payment is required, before work commences. We can however arrange 30 days credit with some companies, with  a purchase order only, sent prior to job commencing. Please note no work will be commenced without payment or agreed purchase order.


Damage of our products?

 Brewery Studios accepts no responsibility for damaged products; please insure all items, ALL RISK as accidents do happen!