How to shoot the online shop? Light bulb!

August 6, 2013 by Martin Pearson

How to shoot the online shop? Light bulb!


 Well this was a tricky one. Asked by Janome sewing machines, to depict their online shop, I first tried the standard pack shot idea, then “Light bulb”.

 It’s online right, so it’s going down the wires. Hang on not wires; they are all about thread and cotton, so now its products going down a cotton thread vortex.

 How is it done? Well first all the products are shot individually at racy angles, to show them receding, then cut out, (boring bit, and lots of coffee!).

 The background is messing around in Photoshop with coloured lines, and the twirl filter, and a bit of speed filter, amongst others. Green seems to work best, as an opposite colour to the red packaging on the colour spectrum.

 Put it all together and give it a whirl!

 Customer very happy, and hopefully it depicts their range of accessories in an interesting fashion.

 Job done. Thank you Janome.

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