Hire a professional photographer, and avoid Miss Havershams front room!

August 14, 2013 by Martin Pearson

Hire a professional photographer, and avoid Miss Havershams front room!

 Have you heard Chicago paper sacks Photographers…More fool them I say!

 Theirs a lot of talk at the moment about my future, I feel like it’s my 4yr olds first day at big school.

 So why does a business need to hire a professional photographer? So glad you asked me, I am itching to tell you.


One word… Online!

 We buy everything online. “But I don’t sell online” I hear you say. Yes you do!

 Every time someone looks at your site, whether it is a service, or product related, they make a decision, about whether to use you or not, usually based on the pictures. Who can be bothered to read all that stuff…unless its really interesting, like this article that is!

Do you really want your main sales, shop window, looking tired, shabby, and amateur, like Miss Havershams front room? Do you want your competitors looking better than you?



You need to hire a professional photographer, (It could be me by the way) so your window on the world looks creative, professional, dynamic, trustworthy, and above all investible.

 Hire a professional photographer, so your product and service looks unique, not just another downloaded image, vaguely resembling what you do (If you lived in California that is!) or a product shot on your desk, by the hole punch, and the coffee stain.

 What does a professional offer?

 Creativity, lighting, composition, experience, organisation, facilities, originality, and professionalism. What else? Peace of mind for you the customer. You have been all you can be.


 A camera to me is just a recording device that never leaves the manual setting. I charge for my lighting, and creativity, and that’s what makes my customers, look great, and keeps me in business for the future.

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