Drive by Penguins, and not peddling fast enough, too keep up!

June 11, 2013 by Martin Pearson


Confessions of a photographer part one.

Did your website disappear of the face of the planet, mine did.

Why I hear you ask? Simple really I took my eye of the ball. Lord Sugar would be pointing his finger at me I am afraid too say!  “You’re fired”…” thank you for the opportunity”. “Where did I put my suitcase?”

Ok so what went wrong?

I was going about my business, shooting beautiful photography work for my clients, not realising that in April of 2012 Google changed everything, and many sites, including mine plummeted…help I am falling…save meeee…

Well it’s not all Google, I must confess. It was my complacency that stopped new customers finding me, and using my services. Isn’t it a pain when you only have yourself too blame. I looked around, but it was still me…damn!

So what have I done about it…?

New Word press website, new pictures information etc

Writing Blogs…yes new too me!

Tweeting another first. I know, don’t go on!

Face book page update. Well a little bit…

Linked in, networking more often.

Hired a SEO professional.

What have I learned?

I may have over 20 plus years experience, and can shoot stunning work, for any business, but if business can’t find me, (I AM OVER HERE) they wont employ me.

Also worth considering is a student straight out of college may get all the best work, or a less quality rival company, if they are better at Social Channels, and Seo than I am. A sobering thought isn’t it… Warning, this may also apply too you.

So my advice is stay informed, update yourself, and your business, and watch out for Penguins!

Martin Pearson

Brewery Studios

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