Room-set Photography

It’s often a problem to find suitable locations, and there are always restrictions on layout of the interior, position of windows and features, colours, and styling, and light entering the room. Although we are experts, at  lighting on location, and using all the features to their best for a shoot, sometimes the only real way to get control, is to build a room-set in the studio.


Must walk the dog!

Who is it for? Well we have built and shot room sets for Kitchen companies, Disability aid companies, Furniture manufactures, Lifestyle stockists, Silk sheet suppliers, Flooring companies, Radiator manufactures, DIY chains in fact loads of different companies, that all need a realistic controlled environment to show their products off at their best.

Our set builders can build just about anything you need. In fact they built a pool, and put a set in it, and we flooded it once, but that’s another story!  Whatever you need, from a staircase, to a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even a garden! We can make it for you to advertise your products.

Set-build  Styling

Set building and styling.

Do get in touch to discuss your project, I think you will be impressed with our setup and experience, and delighted with the free quote we can give you based on your project.

Please see our Interiors gallery for Room-set examples.