Professional Photography Courses.

Professional Photography Courses.

(Training day, Institute of Medical Illustrators Summer School)


Are you wondering what you learnt at University? You still can’t get a job, because you didn’t learn practical techniques? Are you a professional that needs to brush up on a certain technique? Maybe you are a keen amateur that is desperate to turn Pro; or an organisation that needs photographic training. You just don’t have the experience and the portfolio to prove it.

Sound familiar?

Ok don’t worry; you are in the right place. I will be running bespoke training workshop days, just for people like you. With over 23 years experience, I can help you fill the gaps in your education and portfolio. My main focus is practical work, with you creating professional images for your portfolio, that will get you work, and give you the confidence to pursue photography as a career.

“This isn’t a fine art course; it’s a workshop, real life practical course, in professional photography techniques.”

So what can I teach you?

Whatever you need. Back to basics if you need it, there is no harm even for semi pros, to go back over, depth of field, and shutter, basic pack shot lighting, and composition.

Studio work

 Camera and lighting techniques.

 Still life, product, and pack shot, liquids, and food photography. Composition, and lighting, glassware, and silver objects.

 Portraits, all the different lighting styles, classic and contemporary.

 Fashion and Model photography.


 Mixing daylight and flash. Using monoheads on location.

 Lifestyle, models, Public relations.

 Interiors, rooms, kitchens, factories, offices, people on computers.

 Architecture and exteriors.

 Basic Capture one and Photoshop, techniques.

Cutting out, retouching, and special effects.

So how does it work

Practical workshop days, with goal set briefs, and objectives, based on your needs and experience. Small groups, and one on one bespoke training.

 Ok their will be some note taking, but only so you can remember a certain lighting set up, or technique. Its just pure, professional photography. Organising, and setting up the shots, and shooting them.

What do you get?

Practical experience, of your chosen subject, in a professional manner. Images for your portfolio that you have taken, and can recreate in a professional situation. Just like the real professional photography world.

 You will only get what you put in, but I will be their to show you the way.

Sound like just the course you were after? Why not make a holiday of it, we are based in South Wales, with beautifull scenery, graet mountain biking, Cardiff Bay, and dramatic coastlines. Lots of nice hotels and guest houses available.

Prices start at just £300 a day. Call Martin on 01633 612772 to discuss your requirements.