About the photographer


About Martin Pearson Owner & Photographer

Hi here is a bit about me.

I have over 20 odd years experience, in commercial advertising photography. (I have now started to lie about my age)

After doing a Photography HND, in Birmingham, then young and full of bright ideas I set sail as a freelance assistant. This is kind of an apprenticeship for commercial photographers. Where you get sweared at a lot, for free! But you do learn the real industry, from the best.

I worked on car photography in Oxford and London, when the Rover 400 was new! Industrial photography in Birmingham, Food in Banbury, Room sets in Bicester, and location and studio in Cheltenham, too name but a few.

I finally had my big break and went to London as junior photographer. As in house photographers for Ladbroke Group. We shot; room sets for Texas homecare, Hilton hotels including the Park lane, and just a few betting offices. This was great grounding for me, as I could be doing staff portraits on a Monday, a Hotel on a Tuesday, Kitchen Room sets for the rest of the week, and everything else in between. All on film by the way.

Disaster! We were closed down to make room for group purchasing, and I went to Northampton to work as photographer. Shoes and Groceries! Yep lots of shoe companies, and Booker cash and carry. I must say I learned to compose 100 odd products in a shot, and get it right on 5/4 transparency, but I wont say I loved it! However we did get to use one of the first digital back systems from Leaf. that was the size of a brick, and had RGB colour wheel that revolved at the front. I think it was about 6m pixels!

Freelance time: I moved on and worked for my past boss, and studios all over the place from Bicester to Newbury, Always a challenge turning up at a studio, and being given a brief, or sent to a strange factory to do a shoot. Still it’s what I am good at, and I did well at this.

More time passed, and I was offered a job by one of my freelance customers to be head of photography in a giant design agency in Newbury. This is wine country believe it or not, and our team shot Laithwaites Sunday times wine club, and a variety of other work for the agency and outside. Including jobs in Athens and Rome.

Over ten years ago now, I moved to Wales where my family originally come from, I set up and now run my own commercial photography studio, “Brewery Studios” (A renovated brewery) which has a very good reputation, and I work for many of the big name companies in South Wales, and the UK.

I take quality and creativity very seriously as hopefully you can see from my work. I love lighting objects, places and people, and enjoy a challenge and finding a creative resourceful solution. My philosophy on camera and lighting work is to “Get it right in camera” and to take pride in your work.

I charge customers for my skills with lighting and composition, angles and ideas. The camera is just their too record this, and it never goes of manual! Although I love special effects, and am a Photoshop Guru after 15 years on the mouse. My new discipline is Video, and what you can achieve in After Effects is breathtaking.

I hope you enjoyed my story, and do get in touch to discuss your photography project.