About our services

The Photography Shoot

Welcome to my explanation of our services.


In the first instance customers usually give me a call or send me an email explaining what they are looking for.

Some customers know exactly what they want, and Graphic designers especially giving illustrated briefs, with space for text on the image etc, or customers have a completely open brief based on their business product or service.

I am more than happy here to chip in some ideas and thoughts, on how to make their project work. I often go away and think about it, walk the dog, drink some coffee, and come back with a plan that we can discuss. On location however you usually have to make the best of the light, weather, people, state of factories, and offices etc, and this is always a fun challenge.

The next stage is a quote from me that explains the whole cost of the shoot in detail. I offer completely transparent prices, and it would be unusual for a quote to be more at the end, unless their has been more work added, or unforeseen consequences. Please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Ok so we have discussed what we are doing, we have agreed a quote, and on what date we are starting the shoot. Great it’s in the diary!

Studio Shoot

From pins, to room sets, food, models and pack shots. This is where I have ultimate control over lighting, composition, styling and effects. It’s great when the customer can come to my studio for the day, and watch the whole process. Coffee, biscuits and Wifi freely available, and I can then easily consult on images, as we shoot them.

However I often shoot remotely, and send images on email to customers for approval, from around the UK

Room sets

Vento-1  Room set building

We can build just about anything you require, from a kitchen too a bathroom, a living room or a staircase. All the walls and windows are slotted together to form the room, and then painted, styled, and propped to look real. The lighting brings it too life, and the product, be it a kitchen or sofa, or bathroom suite, is now in a desirable location, beautifully lit, with sympathetic styling. Most companies have a good distribution network, and we can shoot room sets in South Wales, at very competitive rates.

On location
It’s a rare day when I go on location with just a camera and flashgun. When I arrive at the location, do not be surprised to see me wheeling several lights, tripod, and cameras, around on my trolley. I use them all too!

Have you noticed how you can always spot a professional picture? It’s down too the lighting mainly, that and getting a good angle in the darkest factory, or the high tech office.
I love a location shoot, always lots of interesting things too see. I now know for instance how steel is rolled, chairs are made, and water is cleaned. I have done factory shoots for the Environmental agency, to bespoke kitchens in luxury homes.

Post Production and Retouching
Special effects to white backgrounds. I have at least 15 years experience in Photoshop, and can make grey days sunny, and products fly, or simply cut out images onto white backgrounds. Whatever you require it’s visually achievable. Very basic retouching is included in my day rate, but I do suggest options with customers, for further retouching that they might like.

We will send you an Invoice, for the work, via email. You can pay by cheque, or credit card, using our Paypal Button, on our contact page.

Hopefully you now have a good idea of how we do things, and why you should choose our services, but if you have any questions, please do ask. Please see our Reviews page. Customers please leave a review. Thank you.

Thank you


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