Monthly Archive for April, 2012


Welcome to my first blog on our new look site. Thank you for looking, and I hope you enjoy the images.
A big Thank you to Tayler, at Blindspot Design. For all his help.

As you may know I have been a photographer for over 20 odd years, shooting a wide variety of images, for all sorts of business, big and small.

Just recently I have completed more images, for The Jewellery Studio in Cardiff. Jewellery photography is all about lighting, lots of reflective surfaces, diamonds that need to sparkle, and stones and metal colours shown correctly. Then add a bit of creativity and consistency and your finished. It’s actually quite fiddly being that close up, but rewarding when you see the results. I have a short movie on Jewellery photography if you are interested. Just go to Portfolio and Motion.

Please stop by again, as I will try to add more content regularly. I shoot a wide variety of subjects, from furniture in room sets, to food and factories.